Preparing for Souper Bowl 2018

We are preparing for Souper Bowl 2018. This year’s event will be hosted on January 26, 2018.  Our pottery bowls will be for sale and soup will be served from 5:00-7:00.  We have a lot of work to be done.  Here is our To Do list.

1 . Set up Clay Studio: Make 1 lb balls of soft clay, bag and seal, cover bowl molds in plastic, prepare slip, consider clean up flow

2. Make bowls, fire bowls, glaze bowls, fire bowls

3. Host a dinner with the LIONS club.

5th Grade Origami Wreaths

5th graders are beginning to fold with fury! Check out these tutorials from Trash Origami! There are many tutorials on this clip. Origami wreathes begin at 2:15:12, just after the red and green book tutorial.  Remember everyone’s brain does not understand the art of folding.  Give it a try, work in your sketchbook or contribute to our community by doing chores.