Building Vermicomposting Bins

The Compost Kids were excited to finally get the vermi-composting bins built this month.  We bought 2000 red wiggler worms and shredded lots of paper for bedding.  Vermicomposting is the process of having redworms and other decomposer organisms process our organic waste and turn it into a great natural fertilizer (called vermicompost).  We have to active bin.  Hopefully we can harvest our castings by spring to add to our new school garden.


Compost Kid is beginning at REMS!  Applications are available in the Art room during your lunch. Get your lunch first and then head on down any Monday to join the club!  After completing the application students will become leaders of our school composting program. Students will volunteer at lunch, educate through blogs and presentations and eventually harvest our school compost!


COMPOST KIDS Chatter Begins!



Today we began introducing students to the ideas of  COMPOST KIDS at REMS.  Teams cooperate to read the t-shirts and create posters to tell us about the program.  This year, Compost Kids will be completely student led. Monday meetings will be held to explore the greenhouse, learn about our school yard and work together on environmental projects.


Welcome Back To School!

Welcome back to school everyone!  I am very happy to begin a new teaching and learning position at REMS, grades 3-8 ART and Social Studies!  Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will begin the year with Unit # 1: Building a Classroom Community.  This unit will explore what it means to be a Responsible Citizen as we celebrate ways to honor diversity among us.  Subscribe to our blog to stay connected to our daily Art Class, Compost Kids and other community projects.