Schoolyard clean up day

We raked, we planted, and we organized. This is about the schoolyard clean up!!!!!!! First we brought a bunch of first graders out to the green house and we planted inside the green house. We planted cucumber, kale, spinach, zucchini, cilantro, thyme,and wheat grass. After the first graders went inside owl green team turned up the soil and found some interesting things. Like, maggets, grubs, worms, pointy rocks,beetles, and weeds. After that we planted shrubs, bushes, and plants. In the green house some of the boys carried in soil from outside. Then Olivia and Caitlin got the weeds, put them in the compost bin and turned it. A little later some owl green team members raked up leaves. We collected 14 BAGS of leaves. Olivia and Jade were climbing on top of the counter and organizing bags of soil that each weighed 40 lbs. With about 45 minutes left it started to rain and we gathered together to talk about the day. That was the schoolyard clean up day.




Owl Green Team

Today we are putting the garden bed to sleep for the winter. We are digging out the weeds, adding compost and finding more things than we imagined.
Somebody found a battery in the soil.
Someone found some fabric in the soil.
We are finding a lot of giant rocks.
Sheets and sheets of fabric is being found.

By Hailey Watson and Caitlyn Berney




Bird Watching Takes Teamwork!

Today we looked and listened for birds in the garden.  If your class was quiet, we were able to see many birds.  If we were too loud the birds flew away long before we could see them.  We took our ideas into the art room to make Bird Collages and Sculptures.  We were able to find things all over the classroom to make our art…just like the birds would be making a nest!

Thank You to All the Volunteers…Our school yard looks great!

Thank You to Americor, Huron Pines, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for attending our Compost Kids Earth Day Event.  We sanded and painted 10 benches, painted a brick wall, planted 70 trees, built a new compost fence, raked and raked and raked!  Our school yard looks great and we are very thankful for all the volunteers that came locally and from all over the state.  Volunteering together makes a big difference to a lot of people!