October 19

Block Building Sculptures

When students are in ART positive behavior mode we can use the blocks and books for inspiration. Students work alone to balance towers in many ways. Often students work as teams of 2-4 to build battles, castles and other creative structures. Building with blocks promotes teamwork, 3 dimensional thinking and many happy moments in the art room!

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October 19

5th Grade Masks


In art class, Mrs.Merdzinski is letting the 5th grade make masks! The 5th graders are being so creative. The ideas of masks are beyond what these people are making. We have masquerade masks, paper masks, and so much more. But sometimes things don’t end up like there suppose to but that’s not failing, its that there masks are the most creative, the most uniquest, and the people that made these masks have have a great taste of art!

September 27

Sketchbooks: A place for your ideas

Hello Artists!
This first week of art class you will be focusing in on building sketchbooks. A place for your ideas, sketches and lists. This is a place to use your imagination, make mistakes and learn from them. Sketchbooks are a memoir of the whole year so enjoy building this book of you!

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April 14

Our First Field Trip

 Through out the day of Thursday April 14, the fifth graders that helped with the Super Bowl Supper took the rest of the day to go to the homeless shelter,beach,and The Brick Oven to come up with ideas to help Oscoda.While at the homeless shelter we learned the meaning of we not me to help the community. Then we walked to the beach to get some ideas to make the beach better. While at the beach some students came up with some ideas to make the beach a better place. Some ideas included fix Boardwalk,renew playground,clean beach, and more. Next we went to The Brick Oven to discuss ideas and learn more.