November 10

New Owl Green Team 16/2017

Mrs.Merdzinski’s 5th grade classes have had many people sign up for OWL GREEN TEAM!!! We started on a new year and its been great so far. We have planted bulbs and worked on the garden. We all hope to have a great year and get the garden to like its never looked before. The garden is a success And we have so many great helpers to get the garden done. We are looking forward to get the garden done and to looking finished. So far we hope to get new Owls!!

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October 19

Block Building Sculptures

When students are in ART positive behavior mode we can use the blocks and books for inspiration. Students work alone to balance towers in many ways. Often students work as teams of 2-4 to build battles, castles and other creative structures. Building with blocks promotes teamwork, 3 dimensional thinking and many happy moments in the art room!

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