Preparing for Souper Bowl 2018

We are preparing for Souper Bowl 2018. This year’s event will be hosted on January 26, 2018.  Our pottery bowls will be for sale and soup will be served from 5:00-7:00.  We have a lot of work to be done.  Here is our To Do list.

1 . Set up Clay Studio: Make 1 lb balls of soft clay, bag and seal, cover bowl molds in plastic, prepare slip, consider clean up flow

2. Make bowls, fire bowls, glaze bowls, fire bowls

3. Host a dinner with the LIONS club.

6th grade art uses teamwork to get back on track

At the start of class we had to go over rules Because of our bad behavior yesterday. and we were told that we had to contribute making a clay bowl for the Souper bowl supper. Right now we are working on making coils Ariana debaker, Adam gedion,James bradford,Matt Johnson,and latonya whitburn are helping make coils we even got 18 positives for volunteering to make coils we definitely didn’t start class the best but we ended very very well.



Open Studios:Owls

Recently we’ve been working in clay,drawing,or collageing a sculpture of an owl. I’ve gone around the room to find hard working students focused on making their sculpture of the many key workers is Adam hein. He is working on a jet inside of it he is working on the fighter jets and he’s using paper towel tubes and being very creative. I also see Matt Johnson working on is fantastic clay owl. Since he messed up his previous owl he got the head,then he molded the clay into a ball then he dipped the whole thing in water,then he started rubbing with two hands, then he grabbed another ball of clay,did the same steps,then he started to add decals to the owls body and head those two artists are very creative. We’ve gotten twenty five positive points. That could probably show you how amazing this class is. Recently I’ve gotten the chance to speak with Andrew about knitting. He says first you have to make a loop around the sticks that stick up from the loom,then once you’ve done a full circle around it then you take the bottom pieces of the yarn and put the bottom yarn over the top. And finally I saw Austin helping Andrew with his stick sculpture.
By: Max