November 10

New Owl Green Team 16/2017

Mrs.Merdzinski’s 5th grade classes have had many people sign up for OWL GREEN TEAM!!! We started on a new year and its been great so far. We have planted bulbs and worked on the garden. We all hope to have a great year and get the garden to like its never looked before. The garden is a success And we have so many great helpers to get the garden done. We are looking forward to get the garden done and to looking finished. So far we hope to get new Owls!!

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September 25

Owl Green Team: New Morning Hours

The Owl Green Team is meeting Thursday and Friday mornings from 7:30-8:00. We are are doing all kinds of garden chores…from weeding to moving stones, to deadheading perennials and pulling out annuals. Our biggest task is the invasive picker species that has taken over the garden!

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September 18

2nd Owl Green Team of the year

The Pickers  have invaded the garden, so we need more members to help this invasive species go away!!! Also, Mrs. Merdinski might move the origami assignment to November for the fifth graders! 

We also had to take out all the weeds invading our plants witch was fun getting to see them leave our garden finally they are starting to go away!!!!Out of all owl green team is AMAZING and fun!


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September 11

First day of OGT

Well we have a new problem to solve OGT members…Pickers! This was the first time we have had a picker problem in our garden. How did this invasive species get there? How can we get rid of it? Hmmm? Something to think about. Good work everyone.