Why isn’t our Compost Cooking?

After tracking the compost in our tumbler for over a month, we are disappointed in the progress we are making.  The temperature inside the tumbler is still 80 degrees.  It is very wet and heavy from the water, food scraps and shredded cardboard we have been adding.  Are there any compost experts out there?  We would like your help.  Please comment below if you can help.  We will be checking our blog every morning.  Thank You for your help.  The Compost Kids

Looking in Tumbler

Winter Paintings

All Students have been painting to celebrate this new year in Art Class.  We have been experimenting with water color, tempera paint and finally, FINGERPAINT! Children have enjoyed using a variety of paintbrushes and tools to mix colors.  winter paintingwinter painting 2 Cleaning up is a big part of Art class.  Children are responsible to clean up his or her own paints, spills, hands and table.  We use scrub brushes, rags and brooms to keep our classroom clean.

Compost Kids Share

IMG_1180Thank You Kylie Moorehouse for sharing your stuffed animal friend with us.  Kylie loves this animal because it has a mother earth t shirt on.  Her Grandma gave it to her since Kylie is so interested in helping the earth.  She also brought in some egg shells from breakfast to put in our tumbler.  Thanks for thinking about our school project at home!

Where to put our compost tumbler?

This week with Compost Kids we have been discussing where to put the Compost Tumbler.  Owen suggested putting it in Mr. Allshouse’s office.  Michael suggested the Art Room and Ty suggested the stage.  We took a vote and the stage won.  Our next step is to ask Mr. Allshouse if we can put it on the stage.  Our plan is to lay a tarp underneath it so that it catches the compost that might fall from the tumbler.  After studying compost we know that if we put the right ingredients in, our compost pile will begin to cook and keep the smell to a minimum. We are excited to begin using our tumbler after the holidays and start a new experiment!

The Thanksgiving Graph

The Thanksgiving GraphMrs. Merdzinski is keeping data of how many times the students say Thank You.  She is graphing the data outside the library on the big bulletin board. Today the students help make the dashes to help us read between the tens digit on our graph.   We keep looking at it change every day.  We wonder which class will have the best manners? Will it be your grade?